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In Seattle Met

As Seen in Seattle Met, December 2012

St. Patricks @ Mulleadys

St. Patricks @ Mulleadys

Breakfast from 9am -3pm

Dinner Service from 5pm - 10pm (reservations appreciated)

Dinner Menu $40.00/person

  Spring Tarts

      Asparagus & Chevre

      Pear & Blue Cheese

      Shrimp & Corn

  Irish Chowder in Brioche

  Rhubarb-Green Chartreuse Sorbet

  Kale Salad w/ smoked salmon, scallion, orange

  House-Cured Corned Beef w/ crispy cabbage, carrots & red potatoes

  Tradional Bread Pudding in whiskey sauce


Breakfast Menu


Irish Egg’s Benedict                                                                          $13

-sunny side eggs, corned beef, house made scones with hollandaise, roasted potatoes.


Ham Steak, Boxty and eggs                                                              $12

-Boxty is a potato and scallion pancake and is most popular in the north midlands, we add mushrooms and truffle oil.


Steak & Egg’s                                                                                    $16

-Flat Iron steak, two sunny side eggs, house made scone and orange marmalade


Dravus St. Sandwich                                                                       $11

-Ricotta, slab bacon, fried egg, rocket and rosemary honey on toast



The Traditional                                                                                 $15


-the works – ham, bacon, black pudding, Irish knocker, grilled tomato, scone, two eggs, grilled potatoes, mushrooms and baked beans



Scramble w/ Toast                                                         $12

-Black pudding, roasted red peppers, and bucheron cheese

-Arugula, portabella. roasted red peppers, and Beechers flagship 


Corned Beef Hash                                                                            $10

-served with one egg


Baked Egg's in Brioche                                                                                   $9

-Two eggs in brioche with Beechers flagship, arugula, and proscuitto



Mulleadys Granola                                                                            $9


-whole grains with dried and fresh fruit, served with local yogurt


Sides:                                                                          Beverages:                                             

Scone                          $3                                            Herkimer Coffee                     $3

Baked Beans               $2                                            Bloodies                                  $7

Boxty                          $3                                                        -choose Vodka, Plymouth Gin, or

Bacon (3)                    $5                                                        Tequila

Black Pudding             $5                                           1L of Bloodies                        $22

Ham Steak                  $4                                           Mimosa                                   $6

Knocker                      $3                                            1L of Mimosa                         $22

Egg                              $2                                            Orange or Grapefruit Juice     $4

Scotch Egg’s               $7                                           



Seattle Met - Top 10 Fireplace Bars


Seattle Met - Top 10 Fireplace Bars


Thanks to one of our favorite local mag's, the Seattle Met, for including us in the December issue under "10 Seattle Fireplace Bars"

 We hope to see YOU in front of one of our fireplaces soon!



Christmas Eve and Christmas

We open normal hours both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, though we may close a bit earlier so call if your headed in late!

On Christmas day we will offer our Happy Menu no matter the hour and Happy Hour prices...we sure hope to see you.

Star Wars Pub Quiz

Hope to see you tonight for our annual Star Wars trivia, festivities and quiz commence at 8pm