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In Seattle Met

As Seen in Seattle Met, December 2012

Scotch Eggs by Mulleady's Irish Pub in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood.FULL MENU UNTIL MIDNIGHT DAILY














snack crackers, seasoned cereal and nuts  $3

Macaroni & Cheese                          $7
Orecchiette, Maytag blue cheese sauce
    -slab bacon                         $2               
    -brussel sprouts                 

Deviled Scotch Eggs                      $8    
Wrapped in seasoned pork and deep fried     

Poutine                                          $10   
Truffled fries, pork shoulder gravy, Beechers flagship cheddar and Guinness braised pork                                                           

Housemade Cheese Spread         $7                                                            

Beecher's cheddar, cherry compote, panzanella crackers                                                                                                                                       

Ploughman's Lunch                 $10                                                                                                                                                     

marinated olives, cured meats, cheese, warm crusty bread

Bone Marrow Garlic Bread             $7
warm crusty bread, roasted bone marrow garlic butter


Sides and Plates to Share:

Roasted Mushrooms                                    $9                                                                                                                     shalllots, rosemary, butter sauce

Brussels Sprouts                                          $7                                                                                                                        chili flakes, shallots, white wine

Pot of Pickles                                                 $5                                                                                                                              seasonal mix of pickled vegitables and fruit                                                                                                                           

Truffled French Fries                         $6                                                                                                                                        housemade ketchup and aioli


Salads & Soups:

Winter Salad                                      $7                                                                                                                                                                                     radicchio, beet, green apple, pecan, fennel, tarragon 

Caesar Salad                                      $7                                                                                                                                grana padano, anchovies, romaine

Goat & Geen Salad                              $7                                                                                                                                      chevre, hazelnuts, lemon mustard vinaigrette

Beef Barley Soup                               $4/6                                                                                                                            hearty beef and vegetables

Carrot Ginger Soup                            $4/6                                                                                                                                     savory and creamy with crunchy croutons



Cider Steamed Mussels                       $15                                                                                                                               herbs, cream, crusty bread

Local Wild Salmon                               $19                                                                                                                          roasted mushrooms, garlic mash and salsa verde

Gammon Steak                                    $18                                                                                                                              grilled pork, pineapple, garlic mash and sunny side egg

Herb Roasted Half Chicken                   $17                                                                                                                                 local organic chicken, roasted beets, brussels sprouts

1.5# Ribeye                                            $44                                                                                                                              boneless 24oz ribeye steak, mushrooms and wilted greens                                                                                                                 -add a Laphroig 10yr for $6 more    


Pub Fare:

The Burger                                     $9Plan B burger at Mulleady's Irish Pub.
Caramelized onion, tomato jam, toasted brioche
Add Beechers cheddar or maytag blue for $2

 The Plan B Burger                          $12
Fried egg. beechers flagship cheddar, bacon, garlic aioli and carmelized onion on toasted brioche  

Grilled Cheese w/ apple and sage     $12    
Beecher’s and tart apple, with simple arugula salad



Rhubarb Bread Pudding                        $8                                                   whiskey butter sauce, vanilla ice cream

Waffle with Ice cream                        $8  

waffle with scotch caramel and smoked salt                                                                                                                                                                              

Deep Fried Pear Pie                                  $8                                                                                                                       vanilla ice cream, white cheddar cheese