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In Seattle Met

As Seen in Seattle Met, December 2012

Scotch Eggs by Mulleady's Irish Pub in Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood.FULL MENU UNTIL MIDNIGHT DAILY


Stuffed Olives                      $8
Assortment of anchovy, pepper, hazelnut, and cured meat   

Mac & Blue                          $6
Orecchiette, fourme d’ambert cheese sauce
    -slab bacon        $2               
    -beets                $2

Deviled Scotch Eggs              $8    
Wrapped in seasoned pork and deep fried

Corned Beef Hash                 $8    
red potatoes, house-made corned beef, cabbage, egg sunny side            

Housemade Cheese Spread   $7   
Beechers cheddar, cherry compote, panzenella crackers

Roasted Bone Marrow          $7    
Traditional parsley salad and crostini

Poutine                              $10   
Truffled fries, pork shoulder gravy, Beechers flagship cheddar and Guinness braised pork




Rosemary French Fries                                  $5  Beet salad 
Housemade ketchup and aioli

Maple Roasted Carrots & Parsnips                $6
sticky & tasty shoestring root vegetabl

Brussels Sprouts & Proscuitto                       $6    

pan seared & crispy

Irish Peasant Beets

served w/ warm bread & bucheron cheese

Pot of Pickles                                               $5   
A seasonal mix of pickled vegetables and fruit

Soup de Jour                                                $4   
    -bowl                                                         $6

Caesar                                                          $6
Grana padano, sieved egg, anchovies 

-add samon for $3 more  

Goat & Green                                                 $7   
Chevre, hazelnuts, vinaigrette

-add salmon for $3 more

Basil, Beet & Rocket                                       $8  
Arugula, chevre, balsamic dressing


The Burger                                     $9Plan B burger at Mulleady's Irish Pub.
Caramelized onion, tomato jam, toasted brioche
Add Beechers cheddar or maytag blue for $2

 The Plan B Burger                          $12
Fried egg. beechers flagship cheddar, bacon, garlic aioli and carmelized onion on toasted brioche  

Veggie Dagwood                             $11   
Portobello mushroom, eggplant, roasted red pepper, and pesto on grand central bakery como

Grilled Cheese w/ apple and sage     $12    
Beecher’s and tart apple, with simple arugula salad

The Dravus St. Sandwich                 $10   
ricotta, slab bacon, fried egg, rocket, and rosemary honey on toast

Hickory Smoked Pork Sandwich       $12   
homemade BBQ and a side of pickled purple cabbage


Shepherds Pie                                  $15    Chicken
Minced lamb, parsley root, garlic mash, Beecher’s cheddar

Steak & Mash                                  $17    
Grilled Oregon flat iron steak, garlic mashed potatoes, maple roasted carrots & parsnips

Local Wild Salmon                          $18   
Pan seared and served with mashed potatoes & brussels sprouts

Fish & Chips                                    $14   
Battered fish and fries; a pub classic

Irish Curry                                      $16   
Yellow curry with green apple and hazelnuts (choose chicken or shrimp)

The Traditional                               $15   
The works - ham, bacon, black pudding, Irish knocker, scone, grilled tomato, two eggs, grilled potatoes, & baked beans

Herb Roasted 1/2 Chicken            $15   
Brined Mad Hatcher chicken with garlic mashed potatoes & brussel sprouts.


Traditionall Bread Pudding                        $7
Jameson Ice Cream and Brownie               $7
Seasonal Fruit Crisp & Crumble                  $8